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Gemstones are cut in many shapes for use in jewelry. Different shapes are often cut in several different ways, such as a rectangular shape being cut as a step cut (the classic Emeral Cut) or in a brilliant cut (the Radiant Cut). Here are some of the most common shapes used for diamonds and other popular gemstones in jewelry today, with the shapes Moissanite is available in highlighted in the drawings below:

Brilliant Bullet Shape
Brilliant Bullet Cut

Brilliant Straight Baguette Cut

Brilliant Tapers Cut

Brilliant Trapezoid Cut

Bullet Cut

Calf Cut

Cushion Cut

Emerald Step Cut

Heart Brilliant Cut

Kite Cut

Moon Cut

Oval Brilliant Cut

Pear Brilliant Cut

Princess Cut

Radiant Cut

Round Cut

Square Emerald Cut

Tapered Baguettes

Tapered Bullets


Trilliant or Trillion Cut

Marquise Cut

Briolette Cut


Round Brilliant Cut

Marquise Cut

Oval Cut

Pear Cut

Heart Brilliant Cut

Princess Cut*

Radiant Cut

Octagon Cut

Cushion Cut

Square Brilliant Cut**

Triangle Cut

Trillion Cut

Straight Baguette

Tapered Baguette

*Princess Cut Moissanite
shows more color
than the other cuts.

**Square Brilliant
Cut was added to make
the Princess shape as
beautiful as the other

We hope you've enjoyed this Moissanite Information on Round Brilliant Cut Stones in Millimeter Size and Loose Stone Weight for Moissanite and Diamond

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