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Moissanite Information

We are proud to present these informational and advisory pages on Charles and Colvard's unique fiery gem - Moissanite.

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Moissanite Information

Millimeter Sizes and Weights for Moissanites and Equivalent-Sized Diamonds:

Round Brilliants


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4C's of Diamond Buying

Moissanite, the latest and most stunning created jewel to enter the marketplace since the introduction of created rubies, sapphires and diamonds.

Moissanite Three Stone DesignMoissanite - Born of A Star! Moissanite has a brilliant past, which started 50,000 years ago when a meteorite crashed into the Arizona desert, creating what is now known as Meteor Crater. In 1893, Nobel-Prize winning scientist Dr. Henri Moissan discovered minute quantities of a shimmering new mineral in the meteorite fragments, with a fire and brilliance never before seen on earth. In 1905, Tiffany's christened this mineral "Moissanite" in honor of Dr. Moissan.

Moissanite From Charles and Colvard Naturally occurring Moissanite is usually too small to use for jewelry, so now Moissanite Informationlaboratory-grown moissanite is available, a stone that has many of the gemological attributes of a diamond. Created Moissanite caused somewhat of a scare within the jewelry trade, as moissanite looks and tests so similar to a diamond that jewelers could no longer rely on their standard diamond testers for a quick stone identification.

Moissanite grading scale qualities compare to VS quality, I-J-K color diamonds, and where the color in diamonds leans towards the brown and yellow tones, Moissanite tones can be more towards the greenish yellow in certain lighting conditions. But like color in diamonds, it is often difficult for the consumer to see the color that a trained jeweler's eye would see.

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A Timeless Quality at a Fraction of the Cost of Diamond, Moissanite stands on its own as a new jewel for the next Millennium. Best of all, Moissanite is extremely affordable, costing only about one-tenth of the cost of a diamond.

We hope you've enjoyed this Moissanite Information on Round Brilliant Cut Stones in Millimeter Size and Loose Stone Weight for Moissanite and Diamond

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