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Moissanite Information about millimeters and weight. moissanite caret size. stone shapes. moissanite color, where Moissanite comes from and other important moissanite information - Click Here


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Diamonds versus Moissanites

How Jewelers Tell The Difference

  1. Testers: Since Moissanite tests positive on a standard electronic Diamond Tester, jewelers have added special Moissanite Testers to their equipment inventories.

  2. Doubling: Moissanite viewed with a 10X jewelers loupe shows signs of "doubling." If you viewOur Moissanite is from Charles and Colvardthe stone through the crown or pavilion (underside) facets, and you look to the other side of the stone, the opposite back facet edges will appear doubled, like parallel train tracks set close together. Diamond is singly refractive, and therefore does not show doubling.

  3. Polished Girdles: The outside edge which runs around the crown of a cut stone is called the "girdle." Sometimes girdles are polished, but more than often they are not on diamonds. Moissanites have polished girdles, and although this method cannot be used alone, in conjunction with other methods it helps to separate Moissanites from Diamonds.

  4. Gemological Certifications: Many diamonds today come with certifications from laboratories such as GIA or EGL. The one sure way to know you are purchasing diamond and not moissanite, is to buy from a reputable dealer experienced in gemological matters like Mrs. Gottrocks, who offers certified diamonds and sells certified Moissanite direct from the manufacturer.

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